Updated Version of my Book & Questions – Now Available

In the year since The Secrets They Kept was first published, reader response to the story of my family’s dark past has been overwhelming. Thank you for your support. And yet, I always knew there was more to tell—one last piece of this mysterious puzzle that had to be explored. As a result, I have just published an update to The Secrets They Kept that includes information about the rededication of Sally Levin’s gravesite in Cheyenne. This very dramatic event took place at the end of September 2013.

In the interest of stimulating further conversation on the subject of secrets, and their generational impact on the mental health of families, I have also added a newly-revised list of book club and classroom discussion questions.

Starting today, when you purchase my book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or any other store, you will receive the newly-updated version. If you’ve already purchased the Kindle edition of my book, you should be able to update to the latest version from the "Manage your Kindle" page of Amazon’s website.

It is my hope that readers will find my this new version to be an emotionally-satisfying conclusion to Sally Levin’s heart-breaking story.

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